In FM14 I began what was easily my most fun adventure ever. A Path Less Travelled was my first journeyman career and proved to be more fun than I originally expected.

In a career spanning 16 years, 797 games and seven different teams, I travelled the globe globe in search of glory. Winning fourteen titles, ten cups and two promotions I set the world on fire. In the end I was forced into an early retirement due to ill health (corrupted data).

Introducing Mr BadDragon

This early retirement has fueled my desire, and I want try again. So here I am, back again where it all began. Resplendent in my designer trench coat, super cool pleated shirt and snazzy purple specs.

I don’t have much in marketable skills at the start. I can only hope that this improves over time as I rise through the ranks.

The Challenge

I have dabbled with many different save ideas, but keep coming back to the global journey. This time I have set things up with 33 countries. I have selected only the top two leagues in each country for a total of 66 available leagues. No leagues will be added. No leagues will be removed.

The First Team

One other consideration is how to choose a team to manage. It is unrealistic to expect that I would ever get offered a job at a professional club. I believe I would even struggle to get a job with a semi professional side in the lowest available division of a major nation. Thats where the Gibraltar, Andorra, Luxembourg and San Marino leagues come in.

Starting as an unemployed manager I will be limited to either a semi-professional or amateur side in one of these four nations. This is real grass roots stuff and will provide a real grass roots stepping stone to bigger leagues. I will slowly expand the horizons to other teams in the same country, and unlock other leagues as things progress.  I envision that the first few years will be a struggle. Just the way life should be.

A Few Rules

The secret to any good endeavour is to set rules and guidelines. This is save will start out as a global LLM save and will be bound by the following rules.

  1. I will honour any contracts I have in place. If I am contracted to stay at a club for two years I will do so. In real life contracts come with restraint of trade clauses that prevent people from up and moving on a whim.
  2. What happens in a game is final. Just like real life you can not reload things from backup. If things do not go my way , that’s tough. It’s life!
  3. The scouting screen is available for use as this represents the ability to go to a site like soccerway and see who is out there. Basic information about a player will be available (height, weight, age, club, nationality) no attributes displayed in the search screens.
  4. Staff and Player masking of attributes will be turned on so I will play the game with bars displayed instead of attribute numbers.
  5. When searching I can instruct my scouts to look for players using attributes, but only using really broad strokes. I think it is fair to say I want guys who are above average in quickness or technique. The rule of thumb is greater than 8 or greater than 12.

I will add more as I think of them.

Final Word

At the end of the day the goal is to enjoy the journey. If I never get above the bottom tier in a competition but have fun doing it then I will consider the experience a success.

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