In FM14 I began what was easily my most fun adventure ever. A Path Less Travelled was my first journeyman career and proved to be more fun than I originally expected.

In a career spanning 16 years, 797 games and seven different teams, I travelled the globe globe in search of glory. Winning fourteen titles, ten cups and two promotions I set the world on fire. In the end I was forced into an early retirement due to ill health (corrupted data).

Introducing the new paradigm

This early retirement has fueled my desire, and I want try again. However this time will be slightly different. Mr BadDragon has retired from football, traveled back some 13 years into the past and opened a news service where he will watch the fortunes of no fewer than three managers in a tale of epic proportions. Once again the vehicle for this epic tale will be FM14. I have sunk a lot of effort into graphics and am comfortable with this version as the platform for telling this epic tale.

The Challenge

For this adventure, we will be focusing on Western Europe and England. The world will offer the top two divisions of super powers England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. There will also be the lesser nations of Austria, Denmark, and Switzerland. Finally we have minnows Andorra, Luxembourg, and San Marino.

National teams of these countries will also be considered. If the money is right, the punters are willing!

A Few Rules

The secret to any good endeavour is to set rules and guidelines. This is save will start out as a global LLM save and will be bound by the following rules.

  1. The individual characters will be out for themselves. There will be no collusion, no deal, no cheating!
  2. All of the managers will have different goals, aspirations and behavior. Some may flit form club to club, while others may stick things out for the duration at one club.
  3. What happens in a game is final. Just like real life you can not reload things from backup. If things do not go my way , that’s tough. It’s life!
  4. The scouting screen is available for use as this represents the ability to go to a site like soccerway and see who is out there. Basic information about a player will be available (height, weight, age, club, nationality) no attributes displayed in the search screens.
  5. Staff and Player masking of attributes will be turned on so I will play the game with bars displayed instead of attribute numbers.
  6. I believe that the player search screen is not taboo. However I have certain rules which limit the “accuracy” of the data. When searching I can instruct my scouts to look for players based on positions, transfer listings, contract expiry etc.  I won’t be searching using attributes at all.

I will add more as I think of them.

Final Word

At the end of the day the goal is to enjoy the journey. I just hope the mental strain of balancing all of these personas does not cause me to lose my mind!

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