22 December 2017
Froidchapelle, Belgium

Breaking News: Swiss club SR Delemont have signed unknown Bulgarian manager Zoltan Zlotzki on a two year deal.

The 29 year old Zlotski comes into the club to replace former boss Jonathan Oehon who took over the reigns at Lausanne-Sport last week.

~Layer Cakes, Saudi FM News Network

December begins as November finished – with disappointment.

CS Hobscheid inform me that my application missed the deadline. My assistant was late submitting the application. Again! I summon him into my office and let him know in no uncertain terms that if he makes this mistake again I will fire his sorry arse!

Irons in the fire

I am happy with the number of irons I have in the fire as we wind down 2017. Most of these jobs will be out of reach, but you have to be in to win! Birmingham, Q.P.R., Scion, and Corodoba say thanks but no thanks.

Inter Club d’Escaldes say yes! Well yes to an interview, at least. I think the interview went really well and you could be chatting with the next Inter Club d’Escaldes manager! I’m that confident!

The twitter debate was fast and furious. Tempers may be starting to boil, and mayhem could break out soon!

Another rejection

We this is a kick in the teeth! That damn American gets the role, although I wonder what he had sell to get the position. If he has bid away too much then his reign must be short lived.

On the job front there are not many jobs within my experience range.  I keep sending in my CV, but am not really hopeful!

I am happy to attend, and agree to all of their requests. I am comfortable playing a more direct style of play and even though the wage budget will see me need to trim players, I can make this work.

A job offer!

Obviously Delemont like my proposal, and also liked me! I am off to Switzerland to manage a professional club. Not bad for my first position, is it?

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