30 November 2017
Froidchapelle, Belgium

November has not been kind to rookie manager Zoltan Zlotzki. Rejected by two clubs, and failing to intervie with a dozen more, the future looks grim for him. There jsut seems to be too many managers looking for work.

Zlotski has tried to remain up beat, however under the surface you get the impression that things are not as rosy as they appear.

~Grey Mando, FOX FM Sports Africa

The new day dawns and I saunter to the mailbox to see if any clubs come calling. Sadly they don’t! Oh well.

I’m evaluating my options here. The first job is key for setting up ones career, and looking at the available roles only one really appeals. That is the role with Ligue 2 strugglers Stade Brestois 29. Predicted to finish mid table, they find temselves in last place after 12 games, 2 points from safety, with a game in hand. This would be a good challenge for me so I send off an application. Fiorentina have parted company with Francesco Alonzo, and while that is a good club I curb my impatience and sit back to wait.

It seems that there is a little bit of banter going about at the moment. Seems I have some competition which I am not too unhappy about.

The Brest job falls through, with a sad-eyed Frenchman Dumonteix taking the helm. Have too say I am gutted that I didn’t even warrant an interview. At least none of the other clowns didn’t get the job!

Looking at the news feeds there is plenty of activity in the market place with three teams in search of new managers. There is also a healthy degree of speculation as to who the axe is hovering near so I’m not worried yet.

I’m not afraid to be bold, so the CV goes off to all concerned, and I can’t resist a jibe at the others managers on twitter. I am surprised when that American chap pipes up and states he has had an interview.

Before I could feel sorry for myself I get a call myself. Arouca want to talk to me! The interview goes well and I promise to sign youngsters and play direct football which are two things that The club wants.

My first knockback

You don’t succeed in anything without some adversity. This comes in the form of a rejection from Arouca who have opted to go with a Brazillian manager. I decide to throw my hat into the ring with Jenesse Canach of Luxembourg, more out of curiosity than anything else.

Looking around I noted that Jeunesse Canach was after a manager. Sadly I waited too long and have to end the month no closer to employment than wehn I started.

Looking ahead

There are quite a few jobs available. I send CV’s off to each club and will wait to see what comes of this.

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