13 December 2017
Aabenraa, Denmark

Club Inter d’Escalades appoint Rolland Bertrand as their new manager. The 38 year old American had been activly seking emplyment for six weeks before this opportunity was presented to him.

Bertrand was reportedly very pleased and promised supporters at Camp de Futbol d’Escaldes-Engordany that he would lead the club to glory.

~Joel Salizar, TVA FM Sports

Following CS Hobsheid’s decision to appoint Mathias Wagner as manager, I have only two applictaions pending at the moment.

Of these Inter d’Escalades looks the most promising. The Andorran side are performing well in the league and I could fit into the manager’s seat without too much trouble. Of course the other lads may also have asperations.

An Interview

Inter Club d’Escaldes invite me over to speak with them. I am only too happy to oblige. The interview went well, and I decided that I would attempt push the boundaries, promising more than what they wanted. Will this come back to bite me?

Of course I am unable to resist firing both barrels on Twitter. I plan on living up to my reputation of being a hard talking American!

A job offer

I guess my trash talking did the trick! I am happy to accept the role and I have my first job! Just like that! I will be back with my team report once I move all my gear into my new flat.


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