30 November 2017
Aabenraa, Denmark

Speaking form his Aabenraa home, new American manager tried to put a brave face on his situation. “Rome wasn’y built in a day. You have to put in the hard yards to get ahead.”

Maybe it is his tendency to speak in cloying cliches that sees him languish amid the ranks of the unemployed?

~Toodee Timmee, Bengal FM Digital

You don’t get ahead in life by waiting around.

I hastily bang out a C.V. and ask my assistant Pablo to fire it off to all available clubs. Who cares if nothing comes from it, at least the dice will be rolling. I catch wind of another manager interested in the Brest position.

Who is this Zoltan Zlotski? I gues I’d better follow him and see! Turns out that he is a upstart Bulgarian who is trying to make moves in this part of thewolrd! I’m down for a scrap! Hope he likes a challenge!

Twitter started to heat up with that Zlotski fellow getting all competitive! It did take the edge off my disappointment at missing out on the jobs i had applied for. We are in the window where teams look to change managers, so I’m sure something will come alone soon.

I set my sights on Lierse and Arouca as the hunt goes on.

My first big chance

I have my first interview! The Arouca board express an interest in my services and of course I attend. The interview goes well and I promise to deliver the top half finish that they desire. You know that I have to comment on twitter. It’s expected!

I think that qualifies as laying down the gauntlet! If Nieuwkoop takes up the challenge I could be up 40 Euros!

Two other jobs catch my attention. One in Austria with Kapfenberger SV and the other with WS Bruxelles in Belgium. I send applications in for both of these positions. Royal White Star Bruxelles want to chat with me as well.

I felt the interview went well, and I would be happy with either club should the interviews turn into a job offer.

Competition looms

Checking out the conversations on twitter I see that Zlotski is battling me for the Arouca role and Nieuwkoop has his finger in my White Star pie! The cheak of them both!

Double disappointment

I struck out on both fronts. First Paracambi was selected to lead Arouca and then Richard Proost was given the nod at White Star.

While these results are disappointing I did at least get to interview for the roles. The job market is looking fairly sparse and the only vacency at the moment is with Jeunesse Canach in Luxembourg.

I will send in my CV and hope to get an interview. However I think that Nieuwkoop may have the inside running for this role.

As it turned out the job went to one Mario Federspiel instead. Never heard of him! Asked Mr Google an this is what I learned.

He didn’t look much different to the likes of Dimitrious and I. We were both better qualified anyhow. As I found out we were both too slow at applying.

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