30 November 2017
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Despite his earlier predictions that he would find a job before the end of the year, rookie manager Dimitrios Nieuwkoop is still searching for that first big break.

Speaking to reporters via skype from his Luxembourg home, Nieuwkoop was adamant that this was only a temporary setback and his career aspirations are still on track.

~Simply Red, FM Sport Digital

So here I am, in need of work. First thing to do is to hit the situations vacant listing on Football Now.

Three jobs are available. Rumelange in my home country, Stade Brestois 29 in neighboring France, and R.C. Celta SAD in the La Liga in Spain. I send out CV’s to them all and sit back and wait. Rumelange come back saying that the position is already filled, and I doubt that I could ever be considered for the other two posts.

The media have been quick to pick up on my interest and they certainly appear to be taking my application for the Celta role seriously. I see that there are two others interested in the Brest job. Hmmm… that sounded somewhat un-PC, didn’t it?

Unfortunately both Celta and Brest both come back with the news that they are going to be looking elsewhere. A little gutted about the Brest role, but that is tempered by the news that three new roles have opened up.

The job that has my attention is Arcouca in the Portuguese second tier. Predicted to challenge for the title, they have been struggling this season and sit in 15th place. I hope I can manage to get a look in with out the other two clowns hopping on the bandwagon.

The side looks appealing and I am very interested in the role!

First disappointment

My twitter feed had been lighting up with both Bertrand and Zlotski crowing at how they had managed to land interviews for the Arouca job. I was not worried, as I had the pedigree and experience. Then came this email…

What do you mean unsuccessful? Really? Without even bothering to interview me thew decided that I was not worth considering. Well, I don’t want them anyhow!!!!!! No way!!! They can go whistle down a well in a lead casket for all I care! Twitter is awkward… do I say something or not? In the end I opt for silence!

A silver lining

I wasn’t forced to dwell on the failure to secure an interview with Arouca. Royal White Star Bruxelles came calling!

I didn’t need a second to consider. Off I popped to the interview! They are after direct football, and I am happy to oblige. I feel that the interview has gone well and I am quietly confident. Of course I have to mention this on twitter!

I thought that was tactful! Certainly handled myself with dignity and decorum.

Followed by showers

It’s always hard when starting out. Sometimes it is hard to overcome the local bias, and this proved to be the case here.

Despite being from neighboring Luxembourg, the White Star board elected to go with 45 year old Richard Proost. His resume doesn’t look that impressive and I consider myself to be a little hard done by.

Looking at the only job available, I am interested by a team from my country. Maybe the home town bias may work in my favour this time.

Guess the answer is no! I am still unemployed heading into the end of November. My situation is not yet dire as there still hope that there is a job out there for me!

I send out applications to five new clubs. We will have to wait until next month to decide whether it has been a good end of the year.

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